Our Custom Design-Build Process

Our Custom Design-Build Process

New home construction can be overwhelming, but when you take the time to lay the proper groundwork, the process becomes simplified and fun! Many people have an idea of what they want, but may do not know how to start, or the best way to ensure their finished home is what they expected. The Sandhollow Homes team of professional home builders is ready to help. With our in-house design team, we will create a custom home that becomes your sanctuary.

Concept Meeting:

The Sandhollow Homes team understands that no two families are the same. What sets us apart, is we take the time to get to know you, and understand your needs, ideas, tastes, and how you live. We work closely with you to design and build a truly custom home full of rich character that meets your family’s lifestyle, on time and budget.

In this phase, we meet with you to discuss your dreams, desires, concerns, must-haves and more. We also explore your budget to ensure our recommendations align with pricing you find comfortable. These details and information become the framework for future decisions and suggestions throughout the design and building process.

Preliminary Design Ideas:

After our initial meeting, the process to gather design and floor plan ideas begins in earnest. You may have already done a lot of research. If not, start collecting ideas for the kind of features and layout you would like for your home. There are many ways to do this. Some of the best ways are to look through our plans and other floor plan books, search online, flip through design magazines, and go to open houses.

If you find a floor plan that has an amazing kitchen and another with a grand master suite, bring them with you to the design process initial meeting, and we will begin to transform your ideas into the home of your dreams. You can also make a wish list of features you would like in your home, including floor coverings, room sizes, specialty rooms, views, fixtures, etc. Collecting ideas ahead of time greatly assists in the design process.

Choosing Your Lot:

When you are ready to begin the design process, one of the most important steps you can take is to find a lot you like that generally meets your needs. We can make a recommendation for one or more potential home sites, based on your needs or selected floor plan.

If you already have a home site, we will discuss the unique features of the site to determine which home designs are most compatible. We will also provide a FREE analysis of the lot to identify any potential challenges or hidden costs it might present.  If possible, we encourage this analysis be performed before you buy a lot.

House Design Process:

After you have secured a lot and have an idea of the floor plan you desire, we will sit down at the design table and begin to lay out your new home. After the initial meeting, we will draw a preliminary floor plan with your primary requirements. Then we’ll meet to review the plan and make any changes you desire. We will go through this process as many times as it takes to make sure the floor plan is what you want.

Selections & Final Print:

After you approve the floor plan, we work with you to make final selections on your fixtures, materials, flooring, paint colors, and more. Then we begin the bidding process to provide you with a final cost estimation of your home. Once all of the cost estimates are complete, and you are satisfied with the price, we enter into a Fixed Price Construction Agreement. From this point forward, unless you make changes to the home, you will know exactly what it is going to cost to build your dream home.

Your Custom Home Construction Begins:

Your new home construction begins! As soon as the construction agreement is signed we will put in for building permits and usually within two weeks begin construction of your new home. Typically, homes can be constructed in 3 – 4 months depending on the weather. Most large custom homes take 4 – 6 months to build.

During the construction process, we meet with you weekly to let you know what progress has been made and what you can expect during the next week. By keeping our clients informed throughout the construction phase, the process is much more enjoyable for all.

Home Warranty:

Our personalized service continues after your home construction is complete. We warranty every home we build. During the first year, if you have any problems, contact us, and we’ll make it right. After the first year, your home is protected by our 2 – 10 Home Builders Warranty, giving you additional protection for your investment.



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Why choose a design-build contractor instead of hiring an architect and builder separately?

The builder is involved in the design process. When the builder participates in the design process from the beginning, they provide helpful insights on construction materials and methods that can make the design more efficient and less costly to construct. Additionally, because the designer and builder work together with you, there is no misinterpretation by the construction team about the approved design. Having a design-build team also provides clear communication and single-point accountability.

Faster project delivery. By overlapping design and construction, and by potentially reducing or eliminating conflicts between designer and builder, design-build can usually deliver a home construction project more quickly than the design-bid-build approach.

Price assurance. Since the builder is also the designer, it is far less likely that items will be overlooked, or allowances will not be sufficient to cover your choice of finishes and materials. This results in a far more accurate price estimate and true cost to construct.

If you were to take your architect-designed plan to three builders and had each of them provide you with a price, it is very likely you would receive three very different estimates. This happens because each builder is going to bid what they typically build, not necessarily what you want. With a design-build project, you get the new home you want without unnecessary change orders and overruns that cost money and time.